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Come home an organized clean home

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

We are affordable and will tailor our services to your cleaning needs. Most home cleans average $150 - $300. 

 We are known for our ARMY CLEANS full detailed cleaning.  We don't leave any dirt behind.  

Don't worry the cleaning team is here. Average price also depends on many factors. Please call for a complimentary assessment.

A move in clean average cost is $350 - $600 some are more depending on the size of the home.

You don't need to be home and we will provide you a detailed list of your clean.  

If we come to your home and it has been fairly maintained then the cost is adjusted to a maintenance clean. 

 If it has not been maintained then the cost will increase slightly the first time we come to your home.  

We want to get your home to where it will be easily maintained and reduces your cost. 

We do have a minimum charge of $99.

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