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Vacation Rentals in Cottage Country

Rentals from Cozy to Luxurious to breathtaking! 

We take care of some amazing cottages.  Whether they are a long time family cottage or one you just acquired for your new rental property adventure, we will take care of your housekeeping and provide a clean experience for your guests. and how much they care about your experience.  We would like you to showcase some of the cottage owners that have made our five star list.  Lucky are the ones that enjoy these beautiful and cozy cottages.

If you are a cottage owner who wants to take advantage of our cleaning services please call and get a free assessment and see what we can do for you.  We are accountable and reliable and we consider ourselves your eyes and your ears.  

We take care of your guests experience with purpose and with pride from staging to special requests, we have you covered.

Fife's Bay Lakehouse

Kawartha Sunrise

Kozy Korner
Historic Avery POINT

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